I've got it sorted....

I've realized a few things this week,:

  • My sense of permanence is a VERY fluid concept in light of God's words
  • Any romcom from China, South Korea, or Japan needs to be avoided.
  • Praying without ceasing is difficult but doable
  • What I cherish needs to be reevaluated. 
  • Diamonds are worthless. 

In reverse order I'll explain. 

So, cool song called "Diamonds" by Hawk Nelson (lotta love)  say's (I sum up) God is continually making us into something much better that what we are now. Yes, I was intentionally redundant. Refining is a process.

It struck me, "what a useless thing to be!" I mean, they're expensive to be sure, but only because of an imagined value OTHERS have placed on it. Except we have real worth in God's kingdom. WE could be worthless to the world, but to God? We can only get better. Get shiny, sparkly, and perfectly good for His work. 

The rest?  Too much time on the internet (haha), I can replace daydreaming with prayer, Those stories are poisonous, God puts us where He will and I'm cool with that. He plans better.