What's on the wall?

So, was at the Vivid Women's conference this weekend. Hot stuff, I tell you what. I'll try to keep this brief. 


  • Mirrors lie
  • Mother's be the woman you want your daughter to be. Even when she isn't around.
  • God made us for the sky. Not to hit the false ceiling or squawk back at a mirror.

Allison Allen (crazy cool lady no joke) was the speaker, or rather story teller. She laid out the real bad guy in all of the disney movies that we should really hate, THE MIRROR.

Now, we all know mirrors don't talk. But what you see in it tells a story. You look into a mirror and see a world full of hurt and baggage and all that stuff that you know about yourself that if anyone else knew, they wouldn't say what a wonderful person you are. Or how beautiful you look today. They'd see the bearded goat woman from hell. (thank you Mr. Foxworthy). And they would know what a terrible person you truly are. 

Allison, bless her, just told everyone in that room that they resembled, in reality, the evil queen. That heinous witch that did nothing but try to kill the lovely, innocent princess. SAY WHAT?!!! I know right. It was hilarious. That's what we do to ourselves. We're masochistic princesses masquerading as evil queens. HA! I just realized today is halloween!

All that to say, lets take off our evil queen costume. I know mine almost as old as I am. Smash that mirror and look to the sky. We'll all see our beauty reflected in the apple of our Father's eye. Clear, precious, cherished. That's the only reflection I want to look into. The one that shows me the real beauty there and not the false image.