It's been

You know, I read some fan fiction. Yes. Soul mates were involved. I thought, "that's like cheating." They know that even though they have to go through a horrible ordeal that it'll be alright in the end. So At first I though well, obligatory soulmates could be homicidal maniacs. Cuz....ya know if's possible. Then I was relieved that God doesn't give us marks and soulmate connections because that might ruin it for me. Ya know, living.

He did tell me He is enough though. I mean because really look at Paul. All that junk he went through he got to the other side because he KNEW how everything was going to turn out. Poor guy. God really loved him. You know as in disciplines those He loves. I wish he's had seen the movie "Evan Almighty" because I bet he would have said "Love me less".

So all that aside, let me be the second to welcome you to this side of the bad things. Alternately let me offer you some encouragement if you're not thought the fires yet.  "when you walk though the fire you will not be burned, the flames will not set you ablaze." Yup, another Scripture Snack by Beckah Shae. Those things are timely.