Funk, you either have it or you don't want it.

It has been longer between posts. I may draw every Sunday, but it isn't always "inspired". It took another month to have more epiphany of God's words. And boy howdy was it a real humdinger (yes, I really do say this!, well, not humdinger but lets stay on theme).

I have kids. If you've worked with them, parented them, been parented- you've heard this at least once "You just need to trust me and do what I told you to do." and "I don't have to tell you why. You need to listen." How many of you just had the vision of your parental-units swimming in your head? This isn't the first time either. I just happen to be struggling with humility, and listening. Go figure.

I don't like being corrected, I mean, I DO because It's righteous and I KNOW I need to be, but it still feels pretty lame. Be happy in my trials? I seriously want to punch Paul in the face. HARD. Then I remember I"m not from Aleppo, or the most poor parts of Italy, or ANY inner city in this nation. So when God rebukes me and I react like my seven year old I really just need to take in a deep breath and suck it up.

"Ebony it's okay to keep asking for help" 

No, it's cool. I've got this. 

"No sweetheart, you're not a burden."

I CAN. I WILL do this.

Needless to say....I don't got it. And just like my children are not a burden to me, I am not a burden to God. I've never been one to fall in love with God, but I'm glad He's my father.