OF course I'm posting today.

So I saw Rogue One today. AHHHHHHH So good. Easily my favorite Star Wars movie. EVER. And of all the things I did during the movie I didn't expect to cry. 

Sure I'm a woman. Yes, I know I'm emotional and have "feeeeeelings", but I didn't see it coming. I won't give spoilers too bad. So if you haven't seen it don't read this until you have. 

There was a lot of sacrifices. I saw it coming. I said what I thought would happen when the screen rolled with "Long Long Ago....". It struck me as the funniest thing though that there would be so much sacrifice in such dark times , giving up life, giving up their future- ANY- future to bring Hope. HOPE. 

Yeah, It's been on my brain lately. I was thinking about how much I really don't like the Christmas season. Don't misunderstand- the season charms people into doing beautiful things even if they're a stooge the rest of the three hundred and sixty-five. And of course I know just enough about the source of the holiday to be irritated. Why? Because I want my children to understand that is how we should be ALWAYS. A conclusion I came to as a teen with grandparents who gave me $100 in a stocking and designer clothes to wear. 

Then lo and behold ROGUE FLIPPIN ONE puts me back on to Christmas joy, and cheer, and all that. I don't think Gareth Edwards (bless his heart the dear) meant to remind me that Jesus sacrificed Himself so I could have HOPE. That millions could have HOPE. Yeah. Enough said.