A wonderful woman stood up in church and basically said this "It's okay to be all up in God's face- demanding "EXPLAIN THIS TO ME! WHY!" Why?

  • Because he is the Father.
  • He know's the time everyone has.
  • and He does not play favorites

He's reasons are literally good. Often they are not shared knowledge so we don't see the point, or doubt His intentions if He has any at all. That said we aren't seeing the bigger picture. We're looking at life from inside of a safe little box. The light at the top looks great! I can finally see what I'm doing in here! 

Get out of the box! We haven't put God in it, we put ourselves there. 

Song today: Tonex "The Trust Theory"

This is the place I get to be. At the foot of the stairs. It isn't so scary anymore. I mean, God knows me so he knows how much I would love to visit Lorien, Erebor, Narnia. This is what I picture prayer looks like. I GET to go there. It's pretty cool.  (I guess just save up for a trip to New Zealand then :)  )