It's a new dawn

I'm finding out sin, is a lot like a Netflix binge. How do I know? I did this recently and I am not proud . 

I got hooked by a pretty screen shot promising amazing characters and a fantastical plot line. In the middle of the series I decided to make sure it would end well, so I skimmed the last episode. So far so good (I'm a sucker for a happy ending). Needless to say I stuck around for all SIXTY THREE EPISODES only to finish- at last- and realize I had wasted my time.

Everyone died, went into a coma, or was left alone. AND this was meant to be a never ending cycle for these people. THEY WILL GO ON LIVING INTO ETERNITY LIVING AND DYING FOR NOTHING!!!!

Huh. Sins.....are enticing things, that become empty habits...that lead to death........forever. I feel like God is tying a bow around it here. For me a least. 

THANKFULLY ( I have caps to show HOW thankful), Thankfully God, unlike immortal tv dramas, comes  equipped with mercy and grace. Who else but God is going to discipline me, hold my hand like a four year old, and get down on one knee and explain things in English (or in this case  Mandarin w/ subtitles). He know's me and I'm so grateful that he sees exactly what I need and gives me help when I ask.