This is the day

First of I just gotta say that my husband is fantastic. I mean it. I can't believe he's really mine. He's recently launched his project: MAN CARDS!!!! I'm so excited for this!!!!!! (you can tell because of the bold words!) This is a straight and practical study on biblical manhood (heh, quoting his video). Please go check him out, (wellll you know, not him, but his project.....) A fully marked deck of playing cards which a year long Bible study on them.

As for the rest of today is good. 

God said, "Let there be light". And you know what when He was all said and done, he called everything Good. So as long as there is light today, I'm going to rejoice and find a reason to be glad for today. Because I'd be doing God a disservice by trying to make it anything less. 

Peace y'all. 

Shout out To Mrs J.K. (not rowling, before you EVEN ASK)   She said something to me yesterday that made me feel like a whole person. Thanks for the love. Here's a doodle!