When your cup ran over

When I was a new christian I ran around trying to do EVERYTHING for Christ. EVERYTHING. Like eating tomato soup in the college cafeteria is doing a world of good. I would look for opportunities to fight for God. Even if I was wrong and only had a half baked understanding, I still tried.

Now that I'm a little older and VERY occasionally a little wiser I've stopped trying in the same way. My level of caution is at an all time high, with all the offense people take to things these days. So I'm wondering...what now? I'm not who I was at the start. I'm more.....God has matured me...but what the heck to I do with all this maturity? Is it like David, dancing in the streets time? Or do I share God in a different way? With my kids? Sure. With my neighbors? They don't speak enough English. Do I tell everyone I meet at the store? 

It's a work in progress.